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Digital EDU - Subscription
Education fuels our self-confidence and helps us do more and do better. Through education we can change our mindset and go from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset which leads to an improved quality of life.

per school per annum
Education is a fundamental driver of personal, national and global development. The only way a society can continue to grow and prosper is through educating & empowering leaders at all levels.
As the world evolves and becomes technologically savvy, it is reasonable to expect that the demand for high-level skills both in the classroom and the organization will increase over time and that leaders will need to be adequately skilled to lead their organizations out of financial constraints and into a more prosperous future.

The Digital EDU - SUBSCRIPTION allows leaders a practical way for educational institutions to incorporate current affairs and an international perspective of leadership into their organization.

Benefits of EDU - Subscription
Affordable cost
The Edu-Subscription services allow schools to pay a set rate that will give all educators access to learning materials, resources, and tools without having to break the bank. This allows educators to learn and improve their skills at their own leisure.
Access to Educational Resources
Compared to static, one-off resources, subscription learning services tend to update regularly. This means on the EDU- Subscription platform you’ll get new content and materials on a regular basis so you never run out of things to learn. Our service offers school Principals on-demand, one-on-one access to our business consultants to assist with everything Leadership and management.
Motivation & Empowerment
We provide two (2) Motivation and empowerment sessions PER ANNUM to help your educators to manage stress and we empower them to master skills to make their classrooms stress free, making teaching the absolute priority.
The EDU-Subscription offers the school TWO yearly online masterclasses for all educators and the principal on:
The paradigm shift in Leadership.

Overcoming Technology hurdles and improving education

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